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01_Program and Beneficiary Management System.png

Program and Beneficiary Management System

The Program and Beneficiary Management System (PBMS) is the core module of OpenG2P enabling the management of multiple programs and beneficiaries. It offers user-friendly features to create and administer social benefit programs, such as ID verification, eligibility manager, enrolment, disbursement, self-service portal, etc.

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02_Social Registry.png

Social Registry

The Social Registry module enables creating registries of individuals and groups with demographic data that are a source of verified information. This module with advanced features makes registries interoperable with the DPI of a country.

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03_Registration Toolkit.png

Registration Toolkit

The module offers key client-facing interfaces to enable the intake of applicant information through various registration modes including offline mode and self-registration. It also enables users to record the information and authenticate the applicant.

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04_Social Payments Account Registry.png

Social Payments Account Registry

The Social Payments Account Registry (SPAR) maintains a mapping of a user ID and Financial Service Provider (FSP) account details like bank, mobile wallet, etc, primarily aimed at cash transfers in a social benefit delivery system. It offers a user-facing portal for adding/updating account details after authentication.

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